Spring is here,everywhere,
Sleet and snow are seen,nowhere.

Warmer temperatures and longer days,
Spring is enchanting,in many ways.

Daffodils,tulips,bluebells are in bloom,
Sight of cherry blossom,whisks off the gloom.

The flock of birds chirp,warble and whistle,
It’s endearing to see them,feeding on the thistle

Animals wake from their winter slumber and begin migrating,
Squirrels,chipmunks and hedgehogs,start scurrying.

Insects crawl from the crannies,or take to the wing,
Providing food for the birds,that are nesting.

Stroll,saunter or lie in a park to hear the birds singing,
Watch bumblebees at work and notice the trees budding.

It’s time to celebrate Easter and be merry,and say,
Thanks to dear Mother by celebrating Mother’s Day.

So be jolly and sprightly and keep your worries at bay,
Welcome the remarkable spring months of March,April and May.

6 thoughts on “Spring

  1. Such wonderful narration of Spring… Urvashi. I can imagine the most beautiful season like a spectacular movie. Each and every line turning into a lovely scene… you have included every aspect of Spring.. too good.

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