Mamma’s Dilemma

One day I know, you will grow up my baby!
Although,the thought makes me so happy,

But my motherly heart refuses to understand,
That,one day you will walk,without holding my hand.

One day,you will stop waiting for me outside my bathroom door,
And your toys will not be scattered,all over the floor.

You will no more fit into my lap,while we read a book,
And will not bother,to seek my attention,while I cook.

Your separation anxieties and tantrums will soon end,
Apart from me,you will have so many new friends.

You will no more need my help in changing your clothes,or brushing your teeth,
And will be too big to be carried by daddy,asleep from your car seat.

Your sloppy head butt kisses will soon be refined,
And your baby lingo will soon be defined.

You will stop calling banana as ‘banda’ and blue as ‘boo’,
Though I love your language,and daddy loves it too!

So the lovely moments spent with you,I am cherishing them all,
For I know my baby,one day,you will no more be this small!

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