Situated on the banks of River Thames,is London city,
Which always appears,in the mood of festivity,
Diverse range of culture, people and religion,
So multiracial and cosmopolitan.
It has vibrancy,vivacity,energy and fun,
The weather is mostly cloudy,you will miss the sun,
Efficient transportation with tubes,taxis & bus,
You can travel around the city,without a fuss.
London-A city which never sleeps,
London-A city with history so deep,
Tower of London,Palace of Westminster and Botanic Garden Kew,
Are the world Heritage Sites,to name a few.
The famous Piccadilly Circus with its giant electronics advertisements,
St.Paul`s Cathedral,Big Ben are another eminent monuments,
The majestic Buckingham Palace where monarchy resides,
With beautiful Green Park and St.James Park on its sides.
Not to miss iconic Tower Bridge,Hyde Park & Regent`s Park,
No doubt they are perfect places to lark,
Trafalgar Square with Nelson`s Column is another tourist attraction,
Though it is also a site of political demonstration.
Operas,concerts & proms held at Royal Albert Hall,
Watching the changing of guard at The Mall,
Drinking tea has been a London tradition,
Classic pub grub is another fascination.
London is the shopping capital of the world,
There are so many things to be unfurled,
From the boutiques of Bond Street,to the teeming Oxford Street,
With stylish clothing at Kensington you will meet.
The World`s finest toy shop,named Hamleys,
A must see for the kids and their families,
Harrods,the famous departmental store,
I guess anyone would ask for more.
India is my country,my real dwelling,
But London too,seems very appealing,
When I reached London and saw Millenium Dome,
A feeling in me said,I was back to my new home!



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