When God Made Fathers

When God was creating Father,he started with a frame,big and tall,A bewildered angel said,'What kind of Father is that,when children are so small?'   'How will he play toys with them or tie the shoelace without kneeling? Will he be able to tuck a child in the bed at night without bending?'   God said,'When … Continue reading When God Made Fathers


While strolling in Regent's Park,I saw some shrubs of rose,As if a group of dainty damsels,striking a pose.  The queen of flowers look so elegant,when it is fully bloomed,┬áIts surroundings are a feast to the senses, so sweetly perfumed.  Red,yellow,orange,pink and white,What a gorgeous,beautiful sight!  Behold!On a summer afternoon,they are swaying and gleaming.Every colour holds … Continue reading Roses