When God Made Fathers

When God was creating Father,he started with a frame,big and tall,

A bewildered angel said,’What kind of Father is that,when children are so small?’


‘How will he play toys with them or tie the shoelace without kneeling?

Will he be able to tuck a child in the bed at night without bending?’


God said,’When the children are puzzled,unable to decide what to do,

A big and tall frame father,is what they will look up to.’


The angel shook her head when God made large hands,

‘Large hands are clumsy,incapable of managing nappies,buttons or rubber bands.’


God replied,’They are large enough to hold everything a child empties from his pocket,

Yet small enough to cup a child’s face or fly a toy rocket.’


 Then God moulded broad shoulders and slim legs without a motherly lap,

‘How will he hold the kids without falling between his legs?’ The angel retorted,after seeing the gap.


‘A father needs broad shoulders that are strong and muscular,

To balance a child on a bicycle,or hold a sleepy head while returning from the theatre.’


When God was in the middle of creating the biggest feet,

The startled angel jumped out of his seat.


‘How will the big feet,quickly get out of the bed in the middle of the night or day?’

God smiled,’They will support a child to ride a horse or scare the mice away.’


God worked throughout the day and night,giving father few words,but a firm authoritative voice.

A person who sees everything,with calm and tolerant eyes.


Finally as an after thought,he made tears,

He turned to the angel and said, ‘Now,are you satisfied my dear?’


‘Look!A Father can love as much as a mother,’

The speechless angel could reply no further.


Photo by Liane Metzler on Unsplash

About the poem: The above poem is inspired by the famous story, ‘When God Created Fathers’.This is my poetic version,with few changes in the story.



12 thoughts on “When God Made Fathers

  1. This is an absolutely wonderful poem that leaves me with a smile in my heart. My own father was not this type, but he did always make sure we had food and the clothing we needed and a roof over our heads.

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