Mamma’s Dilemma

One day I know, you will grow up my baby!Although,the thought makes me so happy, But my motherly heart refuses to understand,That,one day you will walk,without holding my hand. One day,you will stop waiting for me outside my bathroom door,And your toys will not be scattered,all over the floor. You will no more fit into … Continue reading Mamma’s Dilemma


Spring is here,everywhere, Sleet and snow are seen,nowhere. Warmer temperatures and longer days, Spring is enchanting,in many ways. Daffodils,tulips,bluebells are in bloom, Sight of cherry blossom,whisks off the gloom. The flock of birds chirp,warble and whistle, It's endearing to see them,feeding on the thistle Animals wake from their winter slumber and begin migrating, Squirrels,chipmunks and … Continue reading Spring