I Love To Be A Mum

Sometimes I ponder why I love to be a mum, I think of these reasons,which I will tell you in sum. Being the most tired in my life,but still be happy, Breathing in the best smell in the world-a sleeping baby! Marvelling at my baby`s face and wondering,what is in store for her future, And … Continue reading I Love To Be A Mum

A Momentary Escape

When I looked at the elm tree grown infront of my house, The feeling in my heart arouse, How beautiful it looks standing in forlorn, I wonder,how far it goes,on and on.   Is it the staircase to some fairy land? Or the way to the heaven,so grand? The top most point of the tree … Continue reading A Momentary Escape

Welcome to my Poetry blog!

 "Poetry is the spontaneous overflow of powerful feelings:it takes its origin from emotion recollected in tranquility."- William Wordsworth I am no Wordsworth,Shelley,Browning or Keats,but they are always my inspiration,whenever I am writing a verse.The poems I write come directly out of my heart.They are the expressions of my intensely felt emotions. The commonest kind of … Continue reading Welcome to my Poetry blog!