Different Faces Of A Girl

Who actually is a girl,is still a mystery,
For no one can define her completely,
But if you peep deeply into the life of a girl,
No wonder,her different faces will give you a whirl.


When she is a chubby and naughty tiny creature,
Proud are her parents and her teachers,
Busy in her own world,she plays with the doll,
Unaware of the responsibilities and her mother’s call.


But when she grows up and enters her teen,
Being conscious she becomes slim and lean,
Her dreams are full of fairy tale romances,
Imagining her Prince Charming, accompanying her in dances,
A few of the crushes,is no big deal,
’cause this is the age,when she is beautiful,she feels.


As she enters her youth,and becomes sober,
Parents rush to find a bridegroom for her,
So many questions regarding future life,arise in her mind,
As her actual life partner,soon her parents will find,
Now her focus changes from friends to husbands,
She’s happy but slightly sad,she’ll part with her friends.


Keeping so many questions in mind,she reaches her beloved husband,
Her life suddenly turns around,
Even at home being so pampered and dominating,
She adjusts and become recessive and compromising,
She serves whole heartedly her children, husband and family,
After performing her duties,she leaves for her ‘Heavenly Journey’.


Photo by Jonatán Becerra on Unsplash

About the poem: I wrote this poem twenty years ago when I was a teenager,living in India,depicting the different faces of an Indian woman during her lifetime.

12 thoughts on “Different Faces Of A Girl

  1. I think your poem captures the journey accurately and especially many years ago when I was growing up in the US. Has it changed in India? or has it remained the same for many years?

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  2. Thanks Linda for your comment.I wrote this poem keeping in mind many girls/women around me,by looking at their life journey.I am glad that you could relate to it. In reply to your question,yes times have changed a lot in India.In older generations,arranged marriages were more common.Though we were able to choose the person,which our parents also liked.But now in today’s generation,love marriages are more common.The millenials may or may not choose their partner based on the choice of their parents.But as India is a free country people are able to lead their lives as they want and they are happy with it.

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  3. This is a beautiful depiction of an Indian female who is so full of love all through her life. Right from her younger days till the very end of her life’s journey she cares and loves her family and her dear ones selflessly.Beautiful ode to the different faces of a girl.

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