COVID-19,The Pandemic

The hour is dark,full of fear,
There seems no respite,anywhere.

People are petrified with every news they hear,
Praying for the well being of their near and dear.

It seems the lockdown will never end,
In no way coronavirus appears,ready to bend.

The schools are shut down and children are staying home,
Offices are closed and people are working from home.

The high streets are dead and the cities have turned into ghost towns,
The stock markets have stumbled and the economies have gone down.

The hustle bustle and buzz of the shoppers are all gone,
Social gatherings,matches and other  events  are frowned upon.

The trains have stopped and the flights suspended,
Due to the deadly virus,the patients have been isolated.

The children in abusive homes are suffering,
To meet their kith and kin,the lonely elderly are waiting,

Social distancing is the need of hour,
Nothing is helping- money or power.

Mankind is thankful to the medical staff and essential workers,
Who are selflessly working hard and being the saviours.

In spite of the doom and gloom,there is a ray of hope,
Humans are strong,gradually they will learn to cope.

A day will come when we will find a cure,
Of this deadly disease and our present situation,for sure.

The life will return to normal,the doors will  unlock,
Schools,shops and work places will open,people will flock.

Someday in future, we will narrate this story,
When our lives came to a standstill,one of a kind in history.





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