COVID-19,The Pandemic

The hour is dark,full of fear, There seems no respite,anywhere. People are petrified with every news they hear, Praying for the well being of their near and dear. It seems the lockdown will never end, In no way coronavirus appears,ready to bend. The schools are shut down and children are staying home, Offices are closed … Continue reading COVID-19,The Pandemic

My Amazing Parents-in-law

You are the other Parents I received,the day I wed your son, I am so thankful to you for all that you have done. You have given me a gracious man,with whom I share my life, A wonderful caring husband,and I his lucky wife. You raised him all these years ,with your tender love and … Continue reading My Amazing Parents-in-law


Here comes Diwali,the Hindu festival of light, Celebrated by people,with so much delight. Homes are lit up with diyas,candles and shimmering light, Rangoli the colourful floor design,make the ambience so bright. Firework displays are held, while families feast and share gifts, It's time to embrace each other and forget any rifts. Triumph of light over … Continue reading Diwali


In the autumn months of September, October and November,Days are shorter and nights are longer. There's a chill in the air and darker night,Warmer clothes needed to wrap up tight. Leaves of trees are falling down,Red, Yellow,Orange and brown. Pine cones and acorns fall on the ground,Fallen leaves make the rustling sound. It's time to … Continue reading Autumn


  Situated on the banks of River Thames,is London city, Which always appears,in the mood of festivity, Diverse range of culture, people and religion, So multiracial and cosmopolitan.   It has vibrancy,vivacity,energy and fun, The weather is mostly cloudy,you will miss the sun, Efficient transportation with tubes,taxis & bus, You can travel around the city,without … Continue reading London


While strolling in Regent's Park,I saw some shrubs of rose,As if a group of dainty damsels,striking a pose.  The queen of flowers look so elegant,when it is fully bloomed, Its surroundings are a feast to the senses, so sweetly perfumed.  Red,yellow,orange,pink and white,What a gorgeous,beautiful sight!  Behold!On a summer afternoon,they are swaying and gleaming.Every colour holds … Continue reading Roses