Situated on the banks of River Thames,is London city, Which always appears,in the mood of festivity, Diverse range of culture, people and religion, So multiracial and cosmopolitan.   It has vibrancy,vivacity,energy and fun, The weather is mostly cloudy,you will miss the sun, Efficient transportation with tubes,taxis & bus, You can travel around the city,without … Continue reading London


Standing on the crossroads of my life,I contemplate, To what place have I been brought by fate, After completing a phase of my life, Have achieved a lot,after a continuous strife.   At this point,a conflict occurs,between my heart and mind, The reason for me is difficult to find, For my sentimental heart asks me … Continue reading Past..Present..Future

Journey From India To London

As I am sitting in my room, through the window peeping,A flash of thoughts inside my mind are seeping,I wonder how much my life has changed,Straight from India to London..I`m amazed! I miss my hometown which I had to abandon,To come to the sparkling,vivacious London.My life suddenly took a very big turn,As a lot new … Continue reading Journey From India To London