Jurassic Coast

 A sea of clear blue water,kissing the sky,A  flock of sea gulls ready to fly,Sun bathers bathing at Man O' War beach,Swimmers swimming to the point,they could reach,Coastline with sand and shingles galore,Perfect sunny summer day to explore, A World Heritage Site with a history,Every part of the coast tells a story.Yes we were at the … Continue reading Jurassic Coast


In the autumn months of September, October and November,Days are shorter and nights are longer. There's a chill in the air and darker night,Warmer clothes needed to wrap up tight. Leaves of trees are falling down,Red, Yellow,Orange and brown. Pine cones and acorns fall on the ground,Fallen leaves make the rustling sound. It's time to … Continue reading Autumn


While strolling in Regent's Park,I saw some shrubs of rose,As if a group of dainty damsels,striking a pose.  The queen of flowers look so elegant,when it is fully bloomed, Its surroundings are a feast to the senses, so sweetly perfumed.  Red,yellow,orange,pink and white,What a gorgeous,beautiful sight!  Behold!On a summer afternoon,they are swaying and gleaming.Every colour holds … Continue reading Roses