While strolling in Regent’s Park,I saw some shrubs of rose,

As if a group of dainty damsels,striking a pose.


The queen of flowers look so elegant,when it is fully bloomed,

 Its surroundings are a feast to the senses, so sweetly perfumed.


Red,yellow,orange,pink and white,

What a gorgeous,beautiful sight!


Behold!On a summer afternoon,they are swaying and gleaming.

Every colour holds a significance and a different meaning,


Red, the lover’s rose,is a symbol of love and passion,

So exquisite,it can be adorned in every fashion.


Yellow rose expresses optimism, friendship and caring,

Sunny feelings of joy,warmth and welcoming.


Orange denotes enthusiasm, pride, and intense desire,

Such alluring hues in bounty, for us to admire.


White is the colour of new beginnings, innocence and purity,

It also conveys sympathy,humility and spirituality.


Pink roses convey deep gratitude and appreciation,

They also connote elegance,grace and admiration.


Rose the timeless beauty,is the  flower of June birth,

June is also called ‘The Rose Month’.


Certainly,roses are a delight to every eye,

Capable of spellbinding every passerby.

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