I Love,You Two!

I still remember that night,it was half past nine,
When I was walking down the hospital corridor,holding your two year old hand in mine.

Suddenly a kick within me reminded,
That our time alone was limited.

And I thought,will I be able to love another child like you,
I gave you a bittersweet smile,and you smiled at me too.

Oblivious of the fact,that a little baby was on the way,
The magical relationship of just you and me,had its last day.

Then that hour came,and your little sister was born,
I perceived how emotionally,you were torn.

I sensed the pain you were going through,at having to share me with her,
I even heard you saying, ‘Please love me only-no other’.

And I realized I couldn’t,because I could never again,
You were somehow coping up, by enduring the pain.

You cried,you pleaded and with you I cried,
Even if I told you, ‘I love you only’,I would have actually lied.

Getting attached to the baby,I was feeling guilty,
I knew I was betraying you and looking at you I felt pity.

That little baby had become an intruder on the special relationship we once shared,
A relationship we could never have again,even if I dared.

But then something strange happened,I noticed a change in your reaction,
Your indignation changed from curiosity,to protectiveness to genuine affection.

I observed how you started playing with her, and enjoyed her antics,
To make her burst into peals of laughter,you tried different tactics.

Finally,a day came when we settled into a new routine,
The memories of just the two of us was fading fast,and new ones were pristine.

Now there are new moments- the difference is ,we are three,
It’s endearing to see how you look at her,love her, and touch her with glee.

I enjoy watching how she adores you and the way you both complement,
I see how excited you are, by each of her accomplishment.

And I heave a sigh of relief, only to realize,I haven’t taken something from you,
I’ve rather gifted you with a lifelong friend,to support you in whatever you do.

I am no longer afraid to share my love openly with both of you,
My love for each of you is equally strong,but as different as both of you.

Although I realize that you have to share my time,but never my love,
You both are a blessing to me from the heaven above.

There’s enough love supply for both of you,
You both are equally precious to me,and I LOVE,YOU TWO!

Photo by Travis Grossen on Unsplash


10 thoughts on “I Love,You Two!

  1. This is a nicely paced and well written piece of literature.
    I enjoyed meeting you through this work today.
    Thank you for visiting my blog – I appreciate your “LIKE” that you posted there.
    Have a lovely day – all of you.

    Liked by 1 person

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