A Momentary Escape

When I looked at the elm tree grown infront of my house,

The feeling in my heart arouse,

How beautiful it looks standing in forlorn,

I wonder,how far it goes,on and on.


Is it the staircase to some fairy land?

Or the way to the heaven,so grand?

The top most point of the tree charms me the most,

As looking at it,I find myself lost.


When the sun sets and the weather is fine,

The birds are seen flying in a line,

They come and rest on the elm tree,

At that moment I want to set myself free,

From the worldly affairs,frets and pain,

And the anxieties regarding my losses and gain.


I climbed the tree in fantasy,

Reaching there I was filled with ecstasy,

For I reached the world of fairies,

Where there were no trouble and worries,

I spent my time there in leisure,

I was filled with so much pleasure.


At that moment though I was reminded,

The reality of life to which I was blinded,

This could only be a reverie and nothing else,

The fairy tale which my grandma tells,

My work is incomplete and it`s a frailty,

At once I was brought back from dreamland to reality.


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